Fabrics can transform your space through the magic of their texture, pattern, color, look, fall and touch. The choice of fabric can set the mood and style of your room. You can go from a warm, calm and tranquil ambiance to high-energy opulence in a swish of a fabric.Whether its cotton, silk, jute or velvet, fabrics are one of the most important decisions you take in the interior design process.It is through the play of combinations and contrasts of patterns and colors that you can create a striking interior design. At Curtains by Rastogis, our extensive range of fabrics welcome you to create your own style.

Curtain Fabrics


Luxurious and glamorous, silk is a class apart. Infuse the richness and sophistication of beautiful silk curtains in your sitting room. Polyester is a versatile fabric that is often blended with other fabrics like cotton, jute or even silk to give these fabrics its characteristic shine and to make them more economical. Polyester curtains are easy to maintain, cost-effective and have a unique luster.

If you’re looking for soft fabrics that drape well and swathe your room in natural elegance, opt for pure cotton curtains that look charming in both prints and patterns. Blended is a mix of cotton and polyester that weaves together the USPs of both fabrics and is a suitable choice for those of you who want the sheen and easy care of polyester with the pleasant touch of cotton.

topIf you’re looking for soft fabrics that drape well and swathe your room in natural elegance, opt for pure cotton curtains that look charming in both prints and patterns.btm

Sheer fabrics are delicate, airy and create a romantic, ethereal look. Printed, plain or embroidered, sheers are perfect to let the light in. Though white sheers steal the show, this lovely fabric is also available in bright and pastel colors. Cotton or polyester fabric in jacquard weave looks rich, intricate and stylish. Patterns woven may vary from floral, geometric, abstract to solid. Give your rooms a formal, refined look with this elaborate weave.

Sofa Fabrics

Upholstery fabrics for sofas are usually thicker than fabrics used for curtains for better durability. Velvet and chenille are plush, dense fabrics that tempt you to run your hand through them. Rich, luxurious in look and wonderfully soft in their feel, these fabrics are more durable compared to other fabrics, making them an ideal choice for rooms where life revolves around the sofas like the family room, living room or TV room.

For those who love more natural, breathable fabrics in their homes, jute and cotton are the more obvious upholstery choice. Printed or plain, these classic fabrics give your space a pleasant, serene look. While these natural fibers also provide good resistance to wear and tear and fading, a blend of cotton and polyester is a good all-around choice for upholstery fabric. While the polyester strengthens the material and minimizes wrinkling, the natural cotton adds the comfort and the cozy appeal.

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